Monday, June 3, 2013

Book Update

After months of working on my book, I am getting down to the nitpicky final editing. There are still many questions to answer and details to narrow down. I wish I knew a “real” publisher/editor with whom to talk about this.

Thirty three days is a long time to put into one book. My goal of personal story, history segments of sites and cities, and the many photographs make for a lot of pages. I really want to share with you as much as I can, but is it realistic in a book? I love to see the photos while I’m reading about places and I like to see it AS I’m reading and not having to refer to other pages later in the book.

How much time am I wasting doing things that are not normally acceptable or affordable in a book?

I think about doing a companion photo book to go with the travel writing book, but I’m not sure that’s even feasible. I’ve currently filled two 2 inch binders, one with photos and one with the manuscript.

Yesterday, I cut out almost the entire beginning section that had to do with planning the trip. I currently have 183 photos in the manuscript. Guess I’d better start cutting some out. But how do I decide which to leave out when I want you to see everything?

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