Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I have to write, I have to!

     My blogging comes in spurts. I keep telling myself to get better and do it more often, but other things needing to be done get in the way. Sometimes the words are just not running. Also, I often need a comment or something to spark the process that starts the mind babbling.
     There was much on my mind earlier. While upstairs doing my morning writing, showering, and getting ready for the day, a variety of topics screamed to be shared. However, by the time I got downstairs and get set up for working, all those earlier running thoughts have… run away. This happens often – my morning long hand writing triggers much, but by the time I am actually ready to do the technical part of the writing on the computer, my thoughts are elsewhere.
     This is my lesson in getting it done while fresh in my mind and my theory about the muse. When the muse is present, she demands now and will not wait. If I don’t pay attention, she goes away.  I have my morning routine, though. There are certain chores that need to be done before I can sit at the computer. Even when I make notes while doing the earlier writing, by the time I’ve taken that break from the creative process, the muse has left.
     Today, there are a number of topics wanting to be discussed. They push and shove in the back of my mind each demanding to be first. Most have been building for awhile. It’s funny how they all want to be let out at the same time. Which do I choose? Of course, I want to write them all, but an audience will only read so much. Then, too, if there are no responses, the exciting joy that bursts forth onto the page dissipates and I am left wondering why I bothered.
     But I have to! I have to write these things. They do demand to be let out, to be read. I can’t stop them nor do I want to. I always go back to the analogy of the little girl running home with an armload of flowers screaming with joy, “Mommy! Mommy, look what I found!” Writing is that joy for me and my “mommy” is everyone who reads these blurbs and responds.

 Thank you so much.

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