Thursday, July 7, 2016

Time to Garden – Part 3

The men-in-orange mowed the lawn yesterday. They had to move my flower boxes which I had kind of set up as an outer perimeter of the walkway-to-be. I’m still debating the curve of the walkway which will determine the curve of the front line of the garden.

I also have a few annuals that need to go in a box. I’m considering removing the perennials I put in boxes on the back deck railing and getting them in the ground. But I have no idea where I could put them. Where would they fit?

I also have two small pots of mint that I brought from Bradford last summer and survived the winter. Those need to go in the ground or in a bigger planter. I’m thinking they might be better in a planter out on the deck where I can access easier from the kitchen -- although I’ve never used mint in anything I cook. I could learn… but that would mean I’d have to cook…

I stopped at Agway on the way home from breakfast and picked up four small trellises and a jug of fish emulsion. Oops, I have five rose bushes. I’ll have to get another trellis. The fish emulsion is food for the roses, hosta, and more. I have to build a new list to show which plants like what food.

I have to get the lilac bushes out of the gardens. They are scrawny, but bigger than I can dig up alone. They are towering over and crowding a couple of the rose bushes and roses like sun. 

While at Agway, I should have looked for another small pair of cutters/snips. I can’t put my old pair back together and the other pair is too big to fit the jaws between small flowers. I suppose I could use scissors, though while those blades are narrow, scissors overall are too big to deadhead pansies, petunias, and violas.

Time to get to it.

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