Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Starting the First Paintings for 2019

Last week I cleaned the studio and readied two (of my four) easels for new paintings. These will be the first for 2019. I set up new papers and on Friday, chose photos for the two paintings, and lightly roughed in the first bit of outline.

Today I made it back in the studio, started adding blocking in of shapes, and color to the sky. Already I hate the first one and I’m debating whether to continue or scrap it. I put in a little more color. Sometimes doing that is a boost to keep me going, but with this one, I don’t know if I’ll continue. I’m not feeling it.

I realize I got the perspective all off. That’s what I get when working from more than one photo. Oh, well, sometimes I just have to cut my losses and move on.

The second one I like. It’s another beach/sand dune scene. I’m trying something different with the underlying grassy areas this time.

I’m a person who has to “feel” what I’m working with. Choosing photos from which to paint is sometimes a challenge. I’m excited when I first take the pictures and print them out, then later I’ll look at some and think, “Why did I print that?” I have a whole stack of photos that when I finally got around to doing the painting, the picture was no longer talking to me.

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