Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Working on THE book


I’m moving along with the writing. I’m working on Day 8 of the actual trip. So many questions run through my mind. 

I chose the book size, 7 x 10, and I downloaded the template from Createspace.com. I put a couple of pages in, but decided to do everything in Word first as I keep making changes. Adding photos as I go along with the actual trip is a challenge and the photos slow the documents, but the pictures add to the story. I want readers to see some of what I saw as I visited places. 

One question that keeps popping into my head is if I should keep a separate file of photos and one of text only. The photos help remind me of the journey as I am writing. Would this be redundant work? Plus, it would be more work. I’d have to remember to save in three folders; full copy, text only, photos only.

Then I begin to question sizes of photos. With a 7 x 10 book, should I do full page photos, half page, or smaller? Should I do a companion coffee table book of just photos? I don’t particularly care for coffee table books, but this would be of the very best photos and I could use some that I won’t be putting into the story book. I could put more of my artsy photos in this book. Would a coffee table picture book sell better than my travel book? I still could say a little something about each photo and about the area. Should I do it at the same time? 

Should I just run through the book with the text only getting the gist of the story put together from blog and journal notes? Once I get the basic story written, then I can go back and add photos and embellish and edit the writing (which I keep doing anyway.) Currently, I am spending so much time on one chapter going over and over and then I end up going back to previous chapters and adding lines to those.  

Thirty three days was a long journey and will make the book many pages. Should I do it in two parts? I’ve already divided the book into three parts; Planning, the actual journey, and the coming home. 

Am I crazy for even attempting to do something that writers don’t do? (Combining pictures and story.)  

Oh, these decisions that roadblock, have me doubt myself, and cause me to re-do portions over and over. 

Still, this is an excellent way to re-live the journey. Oh, I so wish I could go back there right now while flowers are starting to bloom and before it gets too hot and buggy.



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