Saturday, August 16, 2014

Getting Publicity

I participated in an Open Studio Tour last weekend at the Well Sweep Gallery in Hillsborough. A photojournalist from the “Villager,” a free newspaper covering the Antrim, Deering, Hillsborough area, came by on Saturday afternoon and spoke to all the artists and took pictures. He included me which was unusual because once people from a newspaper find out that I am also a photojournalist, I am often ignored.

And, because I know that usually one, maybe two, photos are used in newspaper stories I didn’t expect to be represented. Plus, photographers generally focus on skinnier, good-looking, interesting, more charismatic, out-going people than I.

I was surprised however to receive an email later asking for a blurb on where I get inspiration for my art. I responded with a couple of paragraphs to give him something to work with. Again, I did not expect that I would make the paper when there were many other artists around.

Yesterday, my friend and artist, Nan McCarthy, posted a link to the Villager on Facebook. I clicked on the link and was delighted to find that quite a few of the artists were listed with photos and blurbs about their work. I am on page 8! How exciting! Not only was there a photo of me, but almost everything I wrote in my blurb to him was printed. Yes! Recognition. How sweet.

You can read the Villager for free online at

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