Monday, August 18, 2014

Reinventing Our Dream Jobs

The world is changing. What worked in the past doesn’t necessarily work now. I got into two conversations yesterday which turned to the same topic. How can we reinvent ourselves and help one another; some to provide a service while others are the artists selling their work.

Now, I do not know that much about marketing (my weakest point) as I don’t enjoy it and don’t want to have to do it. I think, too, in the back of my mind is always the concern of how much trust to put into the ones with whom you do business. It seems to me that the bottom line to marketing is convincing the public to purchase what you are selling whether it is good or not and more and more these days we find out that what we are told is not often the truth or products don’t hold up as advertised. (It’s a form of brain washing with the media and advertising pounding it into you that you HAVE to have this product or… well, I won’t go on.)

We’ve come to know that corporate America doesn’t have our best interests at heart and for CEOs and shareholders it’s all about making as much money as possible without caring who gets stepped on or taken advantage of or even if what they are selling is good. Maybe I have a biased notion of big business, but everything I am seeing and reading makes these convictions stronger. It seems the bigger the company, the more political and corrupt it becomes. At that point, it’s not about providing goods or service to the public, but what they can suck out of people. It’s all about making as much money as they can and to hell with the consequences.

What does that have to do with my topic today? My conversations yesterday were with a framer of art who is not doing the job she loves best and a woman in the printing business who is working for a ruthless company. Here are two women whose expertise in fields could benefit many artists and yet, they are not able to work to their potential.

I had two questions: “How can we reinvent ourselves to help one another and still be able to make a living?” and “How can we compete with mass produced cheaper products?”

Is it possible? I believe it is. We just have to figure out how to do it. For most of us in today’s world, we are not able to have our one dream job. We have to have the job that pays the bills. Some are lucky to have a spouse to provide that avenue, but for the many single women out there these days, the dream is put aside so bills can be paid.

How can we help one other? How can small-town framers and printers provide affordable services to the artists and be able to support themselves? I would dearly love to give work to local business. I would love to be able to sit one on one with a printer to discuss exactly what will work for me. And, in this do-it-yourself world (which is another subject I can go off on). I would much rather devote my time to my art and not fight with matting and framing. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to support each other so we are all doing the jobs we love?

I believe it can be done. Somehow.

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