Friday, April 3, 2015

Working on photos from Day 11

I spent the morning editing the rest of the photos from Day 11 of the trip. Andrea and Lance Brownell had taken me to Homosassas State Park. What an amazing place. I took well over 100 photos. I couldn’t help it. I edited 60. 

The flamingos look wrong… they are more orange than pink. That was because it was mating season and they turn a more coral color than what you normally think for flamingos. I printed out one of the photos in 8x10. The orange is pretty, but I’d rather have a photo of the flamingos in their more natural color. Still, it will make a bright splash on my wall when I get the picture matted and framed. 

Homosassas State Park is part wild life refuge, zoo, and rehabilitation area. Some of the area was caged and other areas were open and wild birds would also visit. Black vultures were all around in the trees waiting for an easy meal and would fly to the feeder boxes shared by flamingos, egrets, swans, herons, and more. There are many types of birds including bald eagles, red-shouldered hawks, and osprey which are being rehabilitated.  

There’s a Florida panther, red fox, bob cat, and other mammals, too, along with a hippopotamus which has been a resident since 1964. What impressed me was how clean it was. The water in the streams was crystal clear. The staff takes very good care of the property and their charges. 

I would so love to go back there someday and now that the pictures are edited, I can work on the story. I use the photos along with notes and journal to help me remember the day. The photos help to better describe because sometimes I feel my descriptions are not so great. I want to be better.



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