Thursday, April 2, 2015

Editing photos and writing

I get so busy I forget to take a moment to write the blog. 

I’ve made it to Day 11 in writing and editing photos of the trip to Florida. Day 11 was an awesome day. I was staying with Andrea and Lance Brownell in Citrus Springs and they took me to Homosassas Wildlife State Park. It was a beautiful park and I took many pictures of birds and animals. Some birds are wild and come and go at will. Others are being rehabilitated from injuries. Some were in single cages (and all areas had plenty of room for them to move around). Others were in more open shared areas.  

Flamingos, swans, pelicans, storks, and various other birds all co-existed together. Black vultures hung out in the tree tops and would fly in to share food. The colors and textures were amazing! Even expressions on various birds’ faces caught my attention. 

What was also impressive was how clean the place was and how well-cared for all the animals and birds were. I was surprised how orange the flamingos were. I always thought they were pink. I learned they turn a coral-color during mating season. 

I’ve edited 36 photos from this one day so far. I will be lucky if I can include four in the book. Then when it comes to the picture book, I still won’t be able to do all. I hate having beautiful photos go to waste. Maybe I’ll make cards or prints. I don’t know if anyone from here would want southern photos, but many people vacation in Florida, so maybe I could make some sales. 

The writing is tough, in a way. On one hand, it’s wonderful reliving the experience. On the other hand, it’s making me want to go back so bad. I look at a picture and think that I should have done it another way or taken other angles. I wish… 

No, I can’t be regretting anything. It’s tough because I have the travel bug and want to see everything again, see areas I missed, and be able to take more time and not always be hurrying on to the next place. I so loved it all!  

The sad thing is, I probably will never ever be able to afford to go again.


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