Thursday, March 26, 2015

Doing art while preparing to move

I need another project with everything else I do. Packing and house hunting are very stressful. I’m making some headway with the packing. Yesterday I stopped at the U-Haul store and got a box to fit the bigger charcoal drawings. Unfortunately, it’s too big, heavy, and awkward to move now that it’s full. (Guess I should have packed it in the back room where it will be stored instead of the kitchen, ha ha.)

I haven’t even taken time to write the next chapter of the book because I’ve been so busy with pictures. I am still adding color to my walls or getting ready to. I need to frame the new prints. I may be packing to move, but in the meantime, I want my home to look happy and the pretty, bright-colored pictures on the walls look great. 

There needs to be a balance between packing, house hunting, writing the book, editing photos, and doing the InterTown Record work. I’m beginning to think that all the drawing supplies should be packed away because I’m not finding time to do that. But I keep thinking I might. Oh, these decisions. 

I don’t like living with the feeling my life is on hold or I’m up in the air (because of this needing to move). I’m tired of living in a temporary abode (and I knew moving in here that it would only be for a few years). I want a permanent home, a forever home. I want to feel settled and have the house be mine, have it be home.  

I know that life isn’t permanent, but having that feeling of moving hanging over my head is like a cluttered room that weighs heavy. It needs to be cleaned out once and for all… like all the clutter accumulated all these years.

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