Saturday, July 19, 2014

Owning Up to My Role

I still have not heard back from AuthorHouse. I checked Amazon this morning and my book is for sale there… with a two to three week lead time. Wow. I’m still struggling. I don’t want anyone buying the book in this state. I sent two more emails to AH this morning; more strongly worded than the past two days’ messages.

I’m struggling with coming to terms with how much of this is really MY fault. Yes, I should have made absolutely sure on the pictures. I should not have trusted that when they took the color photos and turned them grayscale that they would adjust the contrast as necessary. Then there’s the fact that the proofing is done online without seeing the actual copy (and now finding that actual copy to be unacceptable).

A lesson to anyone doing self publishing – these print-on-demand places print exactly what you send and don’t question anything. Why should they care? They get your money. So if what you send isn’t perfect, too bad. Oh, my lessons are always so costly financially to me!

Should I have known better to make my pictures lighter? I thought I had enough contrast. What I see on my computer screen looks good to me. How could I tell that the pictures wouldn’t print well on book paper? And yes, when I edited the color photos to send, I did peek at grayscale and thought they looked fine. So, what happened?

Am I now stuck with this? I am feeling that all my work the past year and a half has been for naught.

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