Sunday, January 25, 2015

Travels with Sasha Day 6

Good Morning! I got so involved in work yesterday that I forgot to blog. I put in a long day from 8:30 a.m. to just after 6 p.m. I spent that entire time in the restaurant on the 15th floor with fantastic views (except for the one time I went back to my room for the bottle of ibuprofen). 

Unfortunately, I started off the day by pulling my back getting out of the shower. I have short legs and stepping over the tub wall is an effort especially as the floor of the tub is higher than the bathroom floor. I heard and felt something snap in my back. It happened a few years back and it took over a week before I could drive and more weeks before I was without pain. 

This time wasn’t as bad, thank God, and I managed to get dressed. I immediately took ibuprofen. I wanted to catch the sunrise from the top floor, but first went out to the parking lot to get my walking stick. That is a life saver. The elevator took me up to the 15th floor where the doors opened to a foggy, overcast view. The gray clouds were spectacular. 

I was shown a table. I remembered the waiter from the 2013 trip. Fresh fruit (strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple, and peaches) and one biscuit and a little gravy made my breakfast. They told me I could bring my laptop up there to work, so after eating, I went back to my room for the necessary equipment. 

Thus I was ensconced at a bigger table and more comfortable chair than in my room, and with the most breath-taking views. The lights of the city went out as daylight progressed. The city lightened and as the fog lifted, buildings became more defined. Throughout the day I watched dolphins playing in the river, the storm clouds lighten and patches of blue poke through and even, eventually, the sun. Like back home, every time I looked up from the computer, there was a different look to the scenery. 

Then there were the occasional conversations with a staff member or other customers. Some people come up just to see the view. Dimitrios told me about busloads of tour people who come in from all over the world. Raiquetta talked about her other job at Disney in Orlando where she is an escort for the characters. Susan showed photos of her horses. A woman from Orlando talked about the cold (60 degrees is cold to her) and we commented on the dolphins as she’d call out every time she saw one. Everyone is so friendly! How very different when I’m home alone working.

Penne with chicken and a Caesar salad was ordered for lunch and I kept working while eating (usually my lunch break includes playing Spider Solitaire at home), but there was much to do. I plugged away. Did I say how much I love my job? To be able to continue doing the job while traveling is the cat’s meow. 

Speaking about cat, I do miss my baby fluff ball. Karen is good about giving me daily updates. Happy hour brought in more customers. I was assured I was fine and kept working. I never want to be in anyone’s way. Dinner time came. I wasn’t hungry, but felt as I’d sat there all day and they were so accommodating, something needed to be ordered. Key lime pie and a mai tai were perfect.
I watched the setting sun highlight the high-rises of Charleston and disappear. The sky darkened and lights began to dot the city. Lights dotted the bridges and moving vehicles looked like lighted ants all in a row. Night came to Charleston and by 7 p.m., I was back in my room. 

And now it’s time to get upstairs to catch this morning’s sunrise.


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