Monday, June 29, 2015

Visualizing versus seeing actual size

Yesterday was a total crash and burn emotionally. Today I am determined to remain upbeat. I woke up thinking about getting the new home and trying to picture the various places we looked at on Friday. It helped having Don and Carol with me. Friday was a quick viewing and I mostly looked at layout, woodwork/cabinets, counter tops, storage/closets, and bathrooms. I was pleased to see that most master bedrooms had an en suite – something very important to me although I have no use for a garden/soaker bathtub (just a big dust collector). I have to have a good-sized walk-in shower. Hmmm, maybe I could use the tub for all my plants as there will be little space in the rest of the home.

This morning I am thinking about how dark the homes were. Was that because the building were mush smaller? It could have been because curtains were closed to keep out the sun, other buildings were close which blocked the light, or the windows were smaller than I’m used to. I am also considering how my furniture and possessions will fit in a much smaller space (something I’ve not been able to visualize). Now that I’ve seen actual space, I’m doubtful my current furniture will fit. I will have to downsize the king-sized bed to a queen and get rid of all my bookcases unless I get a third bedroom. I’m getting rid of most the books anyway so I don’t need the bookcases.

I want to make another trip up to Camelot in Tilton. That’s not saying I’m definitely getting one of those homes, but being able to see the layout and space will help me figure out how much I need to get rid of before I move. This time I will not only pay attention to the layout, but I’ll be more focused on how my things will work in the room.

One thing I disliked about the storage spaces was the use of the wire shelving. We had that in our Barrington home and I hated it. I want real shelves and I want built-ins in the closets so I can get rid of bureaus. This is a big leap going from a 3,000 SF home to 1,000 or under. Yes, I will be getting rid of a lot, but I still have to live and have accommodations for art supplies and clothes.

I am so ready to move out of this house. I’ll miss the view, but with all the shrubs cut down by the new owner, it just doesn’t feel the same here. The joy of sitting in this space while working is gone and it now depresses me.

That is a good thing, in a way, because this sealed the deal almost more than the signing of the papers. I am done here and now can’t get out fast enough.

I see an estate sale in the near future.

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