Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Travels with Sasha Day 14

February 2 

I’m showered, dressed, and writing at the kitchen table when Andrea comes out of her room for coffee. She is going to try again to make reservations for Tucson. As much as I have enjoyed their company, I’m ready to move. I especially don’t want to be in the way as they are getting ready to travel themselves. 

I get the atlas out of the truck and figuring out ways to get to St. Augustine. With all the snow and cold back home, I’m trying to put off heading north. Lance says to take Rte. 40 to 19 and that will take me into St. Augustine. It’s a real pretty drive with lots of horse farms and we’re talking about driving when Andrea comes out and starts talking about all she has to do to get ready to go to Tucson. 

“How about if I leave today,” I say, and she agrees. I’m packed and leaving 45 minutes later. It’s a bit of a teary goodbye. It was nice spending time with them and I enjoy having someone show me around and tell me stories of the area. 

It’s raining and 68 degrees as I leave. Gas is purchased in Dunnellon for $2.08/gl. (The sign by the road said $1.98 and I don’t see anything saying it’s more money for credit. Oh, well.) Soon I’m on Rte. 40 east. Lance was right. The horse farms are amazing. I’d like to stop for pictures, but I’m eager to get to St. Augustine.  

A stop for lunch is made in Polatka at a Golden Corral and it’s back on the road at 1 p.m. Rte. 19 comes to a T at Rte. 17. Uh, oh, which way now? I first turn south, but that feels wrong, so I turn around and head north. That feels wrong, too, so I pull over and get out the atlas. Ah, I need to go south through East Polatka and cross the St. John River. Finally there’s a sign for St. Augustine and a left is taken onto Rte. 207. 

This all passes through the Ocala (oops, forgot what it’s called). A lot of this territory is scrub pine. Periodically there are pull-off areas. I think they’re four-wheeling parks. The sand along here is yellow. I do see a couple areas that might be interesting to explore, but I keep going. Where we have moose or deer signs in New Hampshire, there are bear signs here. It might not be a good idea to wander around alone. 

I reach the Comfort Inn & Suites at 2:15 p.m. The temperature is 61 degrees. I’ve driven 1,718 miles since leaving home. The bad news is that because I stayed with Andrea and Lance, I do not have a Florida Hotel Coupon Book. She does give me a AAA discount, though.  

I’m exhausted and settle in for the night.


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