Thursday, July 2, 2015

Renting a Storage Pod

Original plans had me thinking I would just hire a mover when the time came. However, with the sale of my current house being quick and not finding anything currently for sale that fits my wants and needs, I am having to look at other options. The new owner is already putting stuff in the garage I don’t have room to arrange what will be kept and what will be sold/gotten rid of. I don’t want to store things down cellar. Things need to come upstairs and I need to put it all some place. My living space is getting quite crowded.

I looked online for pods. Then there are the Go-Minis. I don’t know what to do. And, of course, the price worries me. Why does it have to always come down to cost? The thought of having to rent when I want to just put the money into buying and moving into my new home bothers me. But, as I don’t have a new home yet, and I have to get my stuff out of here, I need to consider my easiest options.

Everything comes down to lots or research and decision making and time is running short. I can’t devote all my time to this. I still have a job to do. I have to take time to meditate to clear my head. It all takes time: searching for a new home or land, deciding on rentals if I can’t get a new home in time, finding a contractor/builder, running around to physically look and spending more time looking online… Yikes, my brain goes on overload and I emotionally crash.

Sometimes… well, many times… I have such a hard time making decisions.

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