Monday, August 15, 2016

A Major Project

Gardening is on hold for now with the heat and lack of water. It’s time to get back to being an artist. The lack of focus and organization in my artist’s life is causing my mind to spin ‘round and ‘round without anything getting resolved. I’ve never been good with set schedules since I quit working full time years ago. 

I’ve been working on this. I do have some routine to my life: journaling every morning, taking time to get some exercise be it on the air walker or gardening, and a couple other things. The gardening gets me out of this chair and outside. The other day I actually scheduled in a few tasks on my calendar – only a couple. I don’t want to go overboard and then not do it. I only set four jobs, two at two-hour intervals and two at one-hour.

Two of these jobs are huge tasks. One is to organize all the writing I’ve done and figure out categories and folders. Currently they are all over the place in various files on the computer, sometimes duplicated, and some are hard-copy prints. I need to have order to these writings to figure out what will go in the next book and to what type of book.

The second task will be even bigger – go through the past 10 years of photographs (since going digital) and delete everything but the few absolutely best pictures. This means thousands of photos and some will be harder to access because I’ve upgraded computers twice since starting. The photos are somewhere.

Today is day one for the first task and I’ve already not followed the schedule. I was busy doing some gardening project at the scheduled time, however, I did start tackling the task after lunch, and I actually worked over the two-hour limit. I managed to move all my writings from Dropbox main file and put them into folders: Book (I am getting ready to do a poetry one), Poems (which there are folders in folders), and Writings (which includes letters, stories, and miscellaneous writings). I also printed copies.

My goal is to get some kind of semblance as to what type of book my writings will fit into. The poetry book will be exciting, but I have to find all the poems I’ve written on this particular topic. Unfortunately, being a spontaneous writer, I write to the moment, to whatever subject is filling my mind. I’ll start a theme, but something will come along to pull my thoughts elsewhere. 

This writing is drivel compared to what I’ve been working with this afternoon. I’ve done some pretty fine pieces. They need to be shared.

This is a sample of what I do when the words are flowing well:

Drunk on Joy

My eyes drink in
a landscape serene
causing my heart
to explode with wonder

I cannot hold this joy
there are no words
to express the intensity
in my soul

How can I shake 
this passion
I cannot describe?

Who will feel 
this amazement
that fills all my crevices?

I stagger home
my heart leaking
tears of joy.

---- Sasha Wolfe

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