Friday, September 11, 2015

Choosing Wall Colors

I finally contacted a painter who will come next week to give an estimate on doing my walls. There was a part of me that wanted to do it myself, but it would take forever and there are places I cannot reach even with a ladder. Then there’s the safety aspect of climbing up and down even a step stool.

I’ve been collecting paint chips for years. This morning I organized them by color into baggies because they kept falling out of the folder. The ones I liked the best, I taped to walls to look at a few days. Yeah, I know, a small paint swatch cannot give the complete picture of what an entire wall would look like.

I loved the colors I had in Bradford, but I’m not sure I should do the same. Originally I was going to do so, but because this house gets less natural light, I’m wondering if I should go a shade or two lighter. I’m considering doing the bedroom and master bathroom in purples, but the swatches are either too red/pink or too blue. None are exactly what I want.

Color is important to me. I need to have bright, happy colors on the walls. Vibrant colors (and I’m not talking garish) help my moods. My favorite shades of yellow are also good for showing off pictures and drawings hung on the walls.

It’s still going to take awhile before this house fully becomes Sasha-fied. Until then I feel like I’m plodding along and it’s just an okay house. I’ve yet to feel real excitement about it. There are so many things missing which is why I wanted to get more done before I moved in. Unfortunately, that wasn’t an option.

I didn’t want to take a year or years to get this place the way I want it. I want to get back to my art and my life. I can’t do that until I am comfortable living here. I worry about the winter… but I just have to take that one small step at a time. It will all eventually come together.

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