Sunday, September 6, 2015

I Admit...

I admit…

One thing about having a darker house, it stays cooler on these hot days. It works well for me as I’m not a hot-sun person. The mornings have been refreshing.

Yesterday I went off for a photo job and friends Nan and Clare McCarthy came over to help organize my things and make things disappear while I wasn’t around to say nay. I admit, I need help downsizing and tend to hold onto things. Friends are convincing me to throw things out.

Later they stood over me as I went through my tons of clothes. Maybe another thing I need to admit is that when I get depressed, I spend money. Oops, that’s a habit to break – and surprising for someone who doesn’t like to shop. Lots of items got taken to the swap shop in Hillsborough.

Today, the plumber showed up and I picked out new faucets from his catalog. I don’t want to deal with cheaper fixtures that end up leaking in a year or so. This time what is installed will be guaranteed. Another lesson about money is to know when to put quality over price. He’ll start the reno work on the bathroom early next week. Hopefully, it will only take a couple of days. I’m excited about having a new walk-in shower and vanity with faucet handles that are not yoga positioned (one turning one way and the other opposite like yoga poses). 

After finishing my editing work for the InterTown Record, I took photos of items I want to sell. Some were posted on a couple of online area garage sales. The first item sold right off the bat. I like that, but there’s still a lot to get rid of before I can fully set up the back rooms into usable work and storage spaces… and before I can paint to give my walls a happy color.

A third thing I have to admit is that friends were right. There was so much I wanted to get done to this place before I moved in and it didn’t happen. Friends encouraged me to be patient, to wait until I moved in to get the “feel for the place.” Oh, I did not want to do that. I want what I wanted and I wanted it done.

And now I admit that I’m glad I had to wait. On some things that I ran right out and bought, I wish I’d waited. (Not all, but some). There is something to sitting in the house for awhile and letting the rooms say what is needed. Yes, the wall colors I want are still the same, but one thing that is different is how I am an envisioning living room window treatments. 

Sunlight or lack thereof, views of the neighbors’ houses, and size and position of the windows play a part. I originally was going with mini-blinds, but due to the height of the house, I’m not sure I want to block the light coming in the upper part of the window. I only need to cover the lower part of the window to block the neighbor homes during evening hours. The only time I would need the blinds is late summer afternoon when the heat of the sun is beating through. 

I admit I will often take the easy way, then suffer the consequences.

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