Tuesday, September 8, 2015

More Downsizing

This morning I am taking photos of items I put aside to sell. I need to have all the information together before I post to an online Facebook site for selling. If you have over three, you have to list them together.

This is not easy. While I do have some items together, I will be coming across others I no longer want. Some, I’m tempted to keep… I hesitate… but I have to get rid of items. There isn’t enough space here to save everything. My dad made that or that was my mother’s or maybe I’ll use that someday. I know, if I’ve had it for a number of years and I’ve not used it, I probably still won’t. And to hold onto something because it belonged to a family member — no, I don’t have room for that any more.

Then there are those items that came apart for moving and the pieces somehow got separated. I can’t sell part of something and I know the other pieces are here somewhere. In the meantime, the bulky part of it is taking up much-needed space.

I no longer have the space for multiple easels. (I had a habit of having five or six charcoal drawings or a multi-media painting on various easels in three different rooms. I can’t do that any more.) That means one stand-up and three table-top easels will be going bye bye.

Sometimes it’s just so much to think about with everything else going on.

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