Thursday, September 3, 2015

Day 8 and More Progress

Yesterday I treated myself to a pedicure. Beverly Skillings of Tropical Shades Nails in Hillsborough does an awesome job. It was nice to be pampered after all the stress I've been under lately.

Her husband, Tim, was there and offered to come look at my washing machine problem. I stopped at the post office and got the key to my new mailbox. I was home and doing up odds and ends when Tim arrived.

He pulled out the washing machine to check the hoses behind it and everything looked okay. We ran it through a cycle so he could see what happens. He explained how these newer front loading machines work and that the tub doesn’t fill up with water like the top loaders. Water fill a bottom container and as the barrel spins, the water is splashed around and through the close. This is a more efficient method and uses less water.

The OE error message light came on at the spin cycle which left water in the bottom of the barrel. Come to find out, these washing machines have a filter in the front at the bottom. When Tim opened the little door, water poured out. I handed him a dishpan to catch the water and he pulled out the filter. Ewwww, it was full of small stones and dirt! And more water. How could so many stones be in a washing machine?

“What did the previous owner do for work?” Tim asked. I had no idea. The woman I bought the house had bought it second hand. I was assured the machine wasn’t very old and that LG is not a cheap brand.

No wonder the drain was plugged. What a mess. Tim cleaned out the filter and used paper towels to reach into the round slot where the filter goes to pull out more yuck. We ran the machine through another cycle and the sludge was far less. At least we got it to spin out.

After Tim left, I put a load of towels and curtains in the washer. The machine cycled all the way through and after I put the load in the dryer, I pulled the washer filter. A small amount of water came out along with material that reminded me of shingles. I also found flat, black irregular shaped small chunks in the conditioner cup and I cleaned that as best I could. The only thing I can figure is the previous owner was probably a roofer or did some other kind of construction.

I still have to find my way around these machines. I tried to look up directions online and although there is an operating instructions line, when I click on it, it says “Page not available.” There are so many bells and whistles and buttons and most of the buttons I push, nothing happens.

I also talked to an electrician about checking out the circuit breaker problem. I don’t dare plug in any of my printers… or any other electrical items until the issue is resolved.

I’m dying to get some paint on the walls to brighten this place up. These walls are so boring. I need help, though. I know I can’t reach the upper parts even with a step ladder. And in my shape, I’m not sure I can get up and down a step ladder safely.

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